Page 13 - MECO | Winter 2016
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Leaders motivate.  Leaders inspire.  Leaders create
                                                               an environment for others to be successful.  At Miller Electric
                                                               Company, we are committed to creating a culture of leadership
                                                               throughout the organization.  This goes far beyond executive
                                                               coaching and extends to every field leader and project manager
                                                               across the company.

                                                               1st and 5
                                                               For the last year, we have been working closely with Alex Willis,
                                                               CEO of Leadership Surge, to create a groundbreaking program
                                                               for front-line leadership development.  As a graduate of the
                                                               University of Florida, and team captain under Steve Spurrier, the
                                                               former Florida Gators wide receiver has first hand knowledge
                                                               on overcoming adversity and leading from the front lines.  1st
                                                               and 5 is a program that focuses on what Alex calls “the have
                                                               it all lifestyle”. This program encourages leaders to be great in
                                                               every aspect of their life. The program targets five key areas of
                                                               life- body, family, being, business and fun.  1st and 5 offers our
                                                               employees the opportunity to develop leadership skills through
                                                               football themed game play, and set personal life and work goals.
                                                               It allows them to collaborate with each other online, get instant
                                                               feedback from peers, and be recognized for their game play. 1st
                                                               and 5 specifically aims to develop key leadership skills for leaders
                                                               such as employee engagement, negotiation, communication, time
                                                               management, change management, problem solving, decision
                                                               making, and work/life balance.

                                                               Leadership skill areas are broken down into micro-learning
                                                               pieces spread over a 90 day playing season with the employees
                                                               competing both individually and in virtual teams. The established
                                                               teams will follow a leadership development program that
                                                               encourages participation and motivation through healthy
                                                               competition. Teams are redrafted every 90 days, allowing
                                                               for different people within the company to work together and
                                                               collaborate on different aspects of the business.  1st and 5 is
                                                               an innovative system to develop high quality leadership skills
                                                               and engagement. It uses our innate internal reward system and
                                                               healthy competition to boost morale and cultivate leaders to help
                                                               the company thrive.

                                                               Leading the Team to Victory
                                                               At Miller Electric, we want the best for our employees.  Our goal
                                                               is not only to experience growth as a company, but we want each
                                                               of our employees to experience growth in their leadership both
                                                               at work and as individuals. 1st and 5 will provide a balanced
                                                               approach to help our leaders be the best they can be, and have
                                                               fun doing it!

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