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The relative costs for some of these energy management systems
                                                               and initiatives have come down over the years or pencil quicker
                                                               than in the past. Looking at the cost of a solar program relatively
                                                               speaking, from 5-7 years ago, it has become a more affordable
                                                               endeavor in certain markets (similar with the cost of lighting
                                                               controls). That said, it’s still about finding the system and or
                                                               platform that will make the most sense for our customers, owners
                                                               and retailers. As such we have a dedicated officer level position
                                                               that oversees our sustainability platform, helping us to be an
                                                               industry leader in this arena.

                                                               Q: We have also seen a boom in electric car charging stations.
                                                               Have you been installing more of these in commercial properties
                                                               and how is this impacting your customers?
                                                               Yes! We have rolled out Tesla Superchargers and Volta charging
                                                               stations at a significant number of properties. The convenient
                                                               locations of our properties—near population centers and major
                                                               highways—makes them attractive to companies looking to build
                                                               a grid of stations for their customers. Speaking of the customer, a
                                                               charging station located at a grocery-anchored shopping center
                                                               with retail, service and dining options makes for an enjoyable
                                                               shopping experience while charging their car.

                                                               Q: Regency Centers has worked on some great projects that
                                                               encompass many aspects of what you have referred to as
                                                               “experiential retail”.  Can you tell us more about these projects?
                                                               We have quite a few stories that can be found at https://www.

                                                               One such development is the Village at La Floresta in
                                                               Brea, California. The Village at La Floresta makes grocery,
                                                               entertainment, and other lifestyle options available to local
                                                               residents all in the same spot. Retailers are chosen based on the
                                                               needs of the surrounding community.
        Q: Smart technologies are having a huge impact on businesses.
        The Internet of Things (IoT) has created a market for smart   A centralized shopping and living space creates a stronger sense
        buildings which includes in-building wireless systems, security   of connectivity for the neighborhoods that surround the property
        upgrades, and mass notification technologies, to name a few.    and features “Oasis,” a $2.5 million public kinetic art sculpture by
        How is this influencing new construction?              artist Douglas Hollis.

        Taking a fresh look at our assets to make sure we have the best-
        in-class systems has always been part of Regency’s operations.   Next to “Oasis” is a tiered amphitheater, which makes a stunning
        Some examples include: lighting control technology to be more   gathering area for the community to listen to live music and enjoy
        environmentally efficient and generate cost savings for our   an afternoon or evening outside. We are partnering with the
        shareholders, smart irrigation controls, tenant notification systems   city of Brea and nearby schools to create ongoing events at the
        (such as Building Engines), Wi-Fi at our shopping centers, and   amphitheater.
        exploring smart parking systems. This new normal has definitely
        had a positive impact on the discussion and how we develop,   Last and certainly not least, the center is LEED Silver Certified.
        redevelop and look at our existing portfolio.          The walkable setting reduces emissions and vehicle miles
                                                               for nearby residents, while high-performance building design
        Q: One of the challenges the real estate industry is facing is   significantly reduces energy consumption, water consumption,
        finding cost-effective methods to upgrade existing buildings or   and greenhouse gas emissions.
        spaces with new technological advancements, such as Building
        Management Systems (BMS) and other energy improvements.
        How is Regency Centers addressing this challenge?

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