Page 18 - MECO | Winter 2016
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        PART 2: Business Intelligence Through Excellence

        Mindset and Mission
        In the last edition of Connectivity, we asked ourselves what can
        we do to “Keep Getting Better”?  Sounds simple but not always
        so easy.  Our overall conclusion was that we must constantly find
        ways to challenge ourselves and improve how we do things.  This
        mindset is at the heart of who we are:  to improve relationships
        and provide our clients with the value they truly need to be
        successful.  To help enable this mindset, we introduced Operation, which represents a common framework to drive
        Total Excellence Across Miller.

        Excellence Mission

        Through trust and teamwork we will enable and empower our employees across the entire
        organization.  We will create a mindset firmly rooted in continuous improvement, collaboration,
        & business intelligence.  We will establish strong alignment between our Vision, Mission,
        Strategy, and Values to drive Excellence in all we do.





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