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                                                                      PalMs of Pasadena hosPiTal

        Location:  St. Petersburg Florida
        Project:  Palms of Pasadena Hospital EPSS Upgrade

        HCA finalized the acquisition of Palms of Pasadena Hospital on
        October 1st, 2013. During HCA’s building audit, it was determined
        that the existing power distribution did not meet HCA standards
        and required an entire power upgrade and replacement. As a
        partner with HCA, Miller Electric was brought on board to provide
        the seventeen month undertaking to upgrade the existing power
        distribution systems.

        During the project, Miller Electric would need to keep the hospital
        up and running; maintaining both the hospital’s patient care and
        building operations. Working alongside Florida Power & Light, we
        completed the installation of a new 2000KVA utility transformer
        which replaced the existing 750KVA transformer. A new two story
        building was erected to make room for two 600KW generators
        and several power distribution systems.

        Miller Electric, in conjunction with several subcontractors, installed
        fire alarm, fire protection, energy monitoring systems, mechanical
        systems, fuel systems, and self-performing electrical systems
        under critical conditions.

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