Page 15 - MECO | Winter 2016
P. 15

Q: What do you think makes Marcum and Miller Electric such a good fit?  How do the companies align and how does this acquisition
        align with Miller’s strategy?
        RM: We have always focused on heavy industrial work.  I don’t really know too much about all the new technologies, but if you need
        someone to build you a steel mill, I’m your guy.  I think Miller offers the innovative solutions that we didn’t. I believe this combination of
        resources offers our clients the best of both worlds.

        HB: One of the core pillars of our strategy is to enhance our geographic coverage.  While we have been in the Birmingham market for
        several years, we have focused mainly on service work for our corporate clients.  By combining with Marcum, we now have the team to
        serve clients across many different industries and all types of work in the Birmingham region.  Like Miller Electric, Marcum has always
        been focused on working with clients that value quality work, and they have a strong team of electricians that are able to deliver on
        whatever promises they make.  We look forward to continuing that same tradition of quality service with both old and new customers.

        Q: How has the transition between the two teams been working out so far?
        HB: Well, you probably need to ask Ralph and Robert that question but from my perspective it is going well.  We expect some growing
        pains as the teams come together as one, but I think the long-time relationship between Robert and Ralph has helped smooth that
        over.  We are also fortunate to have Marc Derosset relocating with Robert from Jacksonville, as well as our long-time manager in
        Birmingham, Brandon Ellis combining with the already strong Marcum team.  I think the best part of any transition like this is the
        opportunity to learn from each other and bring the best parts of both companies into the combined operation.

        RM: With a transition like this, there are some different processes that must be learned. I’m one of the biggest processes we’ve had to
        tackle! For example, just today we got rid of 330 boxes of papers that needed to be shredded.  I just printed everything and never got
        rid of it!
                                                                Q: What do you see as being the main benefits of this
                                                                acquisition? Not only for Miller’s clients, but for Marcum’s existing
                                                                HB: When we look at an acquisition opportunity, we don’t just
                                                                look at what that new company can bring to us, but we also look
                                                                at how being part of Miller Electric will benefit them.  For Miller
                                                                Electric, Marcum bring us further experience in the Electric
                                                                Utility Industry as well depth in the Birmingham Region.  For the
                                                                Marcum team, we bring the resources and breadth to deliver
                                                                more services in more locations for their core customers with
                                                                the same attention to detail and quality that they have been
                                                                accustomed to with Marcum.  For the Marcum team, we hope to
                                                                bring them the opportunity for a lifetime career of growing and
                                                                rewarding work.

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