Page 8 - MECO | Winter 2016
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How Technology

        is Changing

        Detect to Protect

        Using Technology to Improve Workplace Safety

                                                                Q: Technology is referred to as the catalyst for growth.  How is
                                                                your business being affected by today’s technologies?

                                                                Much of the conversation surrounding retail and technology
                                                                centers on the increasing share of online purchasing and its effect
                          Jan Hanak                             on brick and mortar retail locations. We are finding that the most
                                                                successful retailers are those who are embracing digital to create
                   Vice President at Regency Centers            omnichannel experiences for their customers, bridging the online
                                                                and offline worlds.
        From autonomous vehicle to drones, to 3d printing, advances in
        technology have impacted almost every aspect of our lives.  The   Q: Technology is rapid-changing which can present challenges
        new age of information technology has propelled businesses   to traditional commercial space construction.  How is Regency
        to adapt and change their infrastructure.  Although delayed in   Centers keeping up with these changes?
        comparison to other sectors, the real estate industry (the world’s   As a shopping center owner, Regency is focused on developing
        largest industry), has begun to embrace the technology industry   and owning properties with a strong merchandising mix and
        (the world’s fastest growing), and the changes that must be made   placemaking features that make people want to come, shop
        in order to remain competitive in the global marketplace.    and stay for an experience they can’t get online. Technology
                                                                is also changing the way retailers treat their spaces and the
        Jan Hanak, Vice President at Regency Centers a preeminent   commercial space built around those stores should work to reflect
        national shopping center REIT with more than 425 properties,   the experiences found inside. This is where placemaking and
        gives us a better understanding of how technology is affecting the   architectural choices can make a substantial difference in creating
        commercial real estate infrastructure.                  an atmosphere that causes shoppers to want to linger longer.

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