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        MerCedes-benz sTadiuM

                                                               Location: Atlanta, Georgia
                                                               Project:  Mercedes-Benz Stadium

                                                               Football and soccer fans in Atlanta will soon be able to visit the
                                                               new Mercedes-Benz Stadium opening in May of this year, home
                                                               to the National Football League’s Atlanta Falcons and Major
                                                               League Soccer’s Atlanta United. This world-class sports and
                                                               entertainment facility will feature new scoreboards and digital
                                                               displays designed and installed by Daktronics, with Miller Electric
                                                               installing the power.

                                                               This $1.6 million /16,500 man hour project is managed by Project
                                                               Manager Kenny Hampton and Assistant Project Manager Harry
                                                               Caraway, along with Superintendent Tim Lopez in the Miller
                                                               Atlanta branch.

                                                               The project consists of the installation of power feeds to all the
                                                               digital displays throughout the inside of the stadium. This includes
                                                               two caption boards, four ribbon boards on the upper and lower
                                                               levels, one feather wall display, and several large displays in the
                                                               suite areas.

                                                               One of the main focal points of the stadium is a 100’ mega column
                                                               display that wraps around three sides of the structure. This was
                                                               challenging due to the different level accessibility of each side
                                                               of the mega column. Most of this work was completed from a
                                                               hanging scaffold.

                                                               Topping off the project is the 60ft tall, 1,175ft long halo display
                                                               that wraps the entire way around the inside of the retractable
                                                               roof opening at the top of the stadium. This display is fed from six
                                                               400amp control panels with seventy 40amp, three phase/480v
                                                               circuits which feed the different sections. This part of the project
                                                               is only accessible from the catwalks which are over 200ft off the
                                                               ground. This will be the most challenging part of the project due to
                                                               the heights.

                                                               The entire project is scheduled to be completed by mid May 2017.

        Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Stadium

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