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Roadmap to Success

        The ability to provide high performing, skilled professionals on each of our projects is evidenced through the quality of work provided,
        ability to meet schedules and deadlines, and overall professionalism on the jobsite. Many of our electricians receive this valuable
        training through the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC), which is a joint committee of NECA and the IBEW.
        Their goal is to provide the Electrical Construction Industry with the most highly trained and skilled workforce possible. In addition to
        receiving skill training on the job, each apprentice is provided with trade-related classroom training that produces competency and pride
        that lead to true craftsmanship.

        While apprentices receive much of the technical training they need throughout the course of this program, they can gain additional
        knowledge in the form of business and financial skills, along with computer training.  In a new partnership with Florida State College
        at Jacksonville (FSCJ), individuals can earn a minimum of 24 hours of college credits for their apprenticeship training, as well as the
        opportunity to receive an AS Degree in Industrial Management through our new college degree program. The Industrial Management
        Technology is a mid-level management degree program which focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses understanding and
        demonstration of the following elements of management planning, supervisory skills in the Industrial Management industry:

              »  Planning

              » Management

              » Finance

              » Technical and Product Skills

              » Effective Communication

              » Human Motivation

              » Strategies for Effective Management and Creative Thinking

                      Training Program/Apprenticeship Title        Course Number and Name          Credits

                  OSHA 30 Hour General Industry Safety and Health    BCN 2732 OSHA Safety            3
                    Electrical Project Supervision Level I, II, and III  MNA  2125 Management and Supervision  3
                     Jacksonville Electrical JATC Apprenticeship  MNA 1949 Industrial Technical Practicum  24
                                  Total Credits                                                      30

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