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Can You See What I Hear?

                                                           Meeting Today’s Demands for A/V Technology

        As technology continues to advance the age of connectivity, we remain invested in providing proactive and digital solutions to
        better serve our clients.  The demand for networked audio/visual (A/V) solutions has increased significantly due to the integration of
        audiovisual and IT technology.  Advancements have come so far that it is even possible for teaching hospitals to show live procedures
        to students, and for companies to video conference with clients around the world.  The commercial A/V environment impacts many
        sectors of our society including education, sports and entertainment, houses of worship, government, and healthcare to name a few.
        These markets depend on the quality of connections in order to prevent audio or visual interruptions.

        This is why we are excited to announce the acquisition of Sound Systems Engineering (SSE).  SSE enhances our ability to better
        serve our clients in the A/V market.  The experience and technical strength of SSE’s staff, combined with strategic partnerships with
        the industry’s most respected vendors, allows us to provide our clients with high-quality, custom-designed solutions for their electronic
        system and communication needs.  These solutions include:

                           » Audio and Sound Reinforcement               » Control systems

                           » Audio/Visual Presentation and Projection    » Sound Masking/Speech Privacy

                           » Digital Signage                             » Television Distribution/MATV/CATV

                           » Fiber Optic Transmission                    » Paging and Public Address

                           » Intercom                                    » Video Distribution and Projection

                           » Multi-Media Presentation                    » Voice Distribution

                           » Presentation                                » Voice/Data/Video Integration

                           » Sound                                       » Prisoner movement and control

        From integrated voice/data/video systems for educational facilities, to audio and video presentation systems, our staff specializes in
        designing and implementing solutions for our clients. Our system designers, market specialists, project managers, and support staff are
        uniquely qualified to provide a full spectrum of technical support for any organization.

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