Page 3 - MECO | Winter 2016
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of a More Connected Future


                                                               From the

                                                                       editor’s desk

                                                               Our tagline for many years read “Quality Service since
                                                               1928”. While we have updated our tagline since then, those
                                                               words will never lose their value as we strive to deliver
                                                               excellence to our clients. Delivering a quality product
                                                               and quality service requires a commitment from all of our
                                                               employees behind the scenes. The investment we all
                                                               make in training, safety, and innovation allows our team to
                                                               be confident in the finished product that can be seen on
                                                               our jobsites around the country. Our clients’ satisfaction
                                                               is always what motivates our efforts, powering their
                                                               possibilities of a more connected future.

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