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Two is Better Than One

        Joint Venture Providing Full-Service Energy Solutions

        It is an undisputable fact that the growth of the technology industry has been monumental in the last two decades.  The
        energy industry however, has been slower to adapt and has only seen a significant transformation in the last few years.
        Organizations are now greatly concerned about their carbon footprint, sustainability, renewable energy, and a greener Earth.
        Companies are evaluating the most effective ways to navigate through this changing landscape of merging energy and
        technology to create a better environment.

        Recently, we have teamed up with longtime partner Facility Automation Solutions, to form a joint venture that will focus on
        providing technology driven turn-key solutions on the customer side of the meter.  Our goal is to improve the effectiveness,
        efficiency, and sustainability of their energy infrastructure.

        Energy Connections Group, or EnCo for short, will leverage the expertise and skills of both organizations to provide
        everything from initial consulting to implementation to long-time monitoring. Facility Automation’s reputation in controls and
        building intelligence solutions will couple nicely with Miller Electric’s long term experience in electrical and communication
        systems.  After performing initial assessments that will reveal actual total energy use, EnCo will set out to create a system
        for savings and energy efficiency tailored for the client.

        While an obvious focus for this venture would include upgrades such as LED lighting retrofits, rooftop solar, and HVAC
        controls, EnCo is also looking for technology based savings such as building automation, and even lighting control systems
        that use daylight harvesting to automatically dim lights when there is more natural lighting.

        Of course, the overall goal is to help clients save energy and money, but   “We have all of the means,
        EnCo is also striving to make Northeast Florida’s commercial real estate
        market more efficient as a whole. By looking at their entire portfolio,   expertise and experience to
        EnCo is setting out to become a value-added provider for commercial
        real estate owners through making buildings more advanced and more   perform and help customers.
        attractive by marketing energy efficient buildings.  Owners will also have
        more visibility into their energy usage and spending with continuous   We just have to get the simple
        monitoring through a real time energy dashboard.                     message of helping them find

        Using a financing option through Miller Electric’s connections with   and return hidden dollars in
        the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), clients can
        put little to no money down on the project, while extensive monitoring   their buildings.  Both short and
        solutions ensure that savings occur long after efficiency measures are
        implemented.                                                                   long term.”

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