Page 19 - MECO | Winter 2016
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Excellence Roadmap… Connecting the Dots
        Previously we talked about how everything in life starts and ends with people.  By aligning our “hearts and minds” around Human
        Excellence, we continue to create an even more trusting and collaborative culture.  By encouraging and ensuring people understand
        the importance of working together to succeed, we naturally “Keep Getting Better”.

        In this issue, we will now turn our attention to the next step in our Operation journey focused on well-informed business
        decisions through Informational Excellence.

              » Human Excellence:  Helping People Perform Together To
              Enable “Shared Success”

              » Informational Excellence:  Bringing Data, Processes, &
              Systems Together To Create “Business Intelligence”

              » Operational Excellence: Establishing Visibility, Consistency,
              & Accountability To Drive “Stakeholder Value”

              » Commercial Excellence:  Aligning With Our Strategic
              Partners To Deliver “Value-Based Solutions & Services”

        Critical Thinking + Fact Based Decision Making
        Basically, Informational Excellence is bringing together all of
        our data, processes, and systems to deliver improved business
        results based on facts and business intelligence.  In other words,
        it uses all of the information and experiences we have across our
        company and enables it with innovation and technology to make it
        readily available to everyone.

        A good example is our web-based MyMiller intranet, which is continuing to evolve as a central location for much of our internal
        information.  We are now at a point where we can dramatically increase visibility of key business information, continue to promote
        consistency, and leverage all of our collective knowledge in one place.  Other examples of Informational Excellence at work include
        standardizing our travel & expense reporting using Concur, implementing Google as our core platform, enhancing the management of
        our fleet using Fleetmatics, and a number of ongoing efforts around BIM (Building Information Modeling).  Additionally, improving the
        availability of key information will enable us to keep our clients even more well informed.  An example of this is our standardized Daily
        Summary Report generated out of our Foreman Virtual Toolbox.

        Next Up… Operational Excellence
        As we continue asking ourselves how
        to “Keep Getting Better”, remember
        Operation is a journey
        and mindset, not simply an event.  It
        differentiates us in an increasingly
        competitive world. It provides alignment,
        consistency, and clarity in our improvement
        activities. It reminds us that  We Are
        1Miller, we are always here for our clients,
        and we are committed to providing Total
        Excellence in all we do!

        Next edition, we will continue to build on
        our foundation of Human and Informational
        Excellence by exploring how to add even
        more value to our business through
        Operational Excellence.

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