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  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Industrial and manufacturing facilities are the foundation of what keeps the modern world in motion. It is here that almost everything we consume or use in our daily life are created , food grade facilities, paper mills, chemical plants, recycle plants, steel mills, mines, and power plants. Industrial environments can be dusty and dirty, but […]

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  • Implementing an Effective Mass Notification System

    Are your most valuable assets as protected as they can be? The number one asset of any organization is its people. Without them nothing can be accomplished and in today’s world these assets are continually at risk. From mother nature to man-made occurrences, organizations owe it to their employees to provide as much protection as […]

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  • Data Center Infrastructure Management

    The backbone of any good infrastructure monitoring solution is quality Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. Keeping up with data center capacity management can often seem impossible for managers because of frequent changes that occur in data centers and the countless factors to consider. DCIM software can help take the guesswork out of the equation […]

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