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  • Building Safer Cities with Help from the Community

    Public safety will always be a top priority with governments around the world, but protecting our communities can be challenging for law enforcement. Often, when a crime takes place, it can take a few minutes before the police can respond, and even a minute can make a difference between life and death. There is also […]

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  • Smart Cities: The Future is Already Here

    What is a Smart City? Once thought to be a fantasy of the future, Smart Cities are here and expanding rapidly. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and embeds itself into infrastructure and municipal services, expect to hear the term “Smart city” used more and more by those involved in civil development. The global […]

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  • VyStar’s New Headquarters Illuminates the Skyline

    As a core financial institution of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, VyStar Credit Union required a home office that reflects the reputation of integrity, stability, and steady expansion that the company has earned. They found that home in the former Suntrust Tower in Downtown Jacksonville. After acquiring the 23-story skyscraper in August of 2018, they began […]

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