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The movement towards smart, connected, autonomous, and contextually aware devices built around the Internet of Things (IoT), creates a revolution that will change the world for the better. Devices can now communicate intelligently to each other or us, in real time, processing data in the cloud or at the node, deciding autonomously or presenting the most up-to-date information to us so we can make the best decisions.

IP based solutions are continually expanding beyond traditional voice/data solutions, and are integral to many organizational operations – information transport system, safety, security, building management, in-building wireless, mass notification. While implementing solutions for our clients in diverse industries with unique technology needs and challenges, Miller Electric provides infinite possibilities when it comes to harnessing technology solutions for success.

To strengthen our capabilities in the design, construction, and maintenance of IP-based solutions, we acquired SiteSecure in 2014.  Blending the resources of Miller Electric with the experience of SiteSecure expands the capabilities of the team to include all manner of structured cabling and electrical infrastructure improvements.

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  • Security, Surveillance, and Access Control

    Our commitment to open architecture means that we provide our clients with a fully customizable solution. Our clients are free to choose best-in-class solutions for each need, ensuring systems continue to work together without the danger of becoming locked in to one vendor or technology. We understand how critical these components are and offer a suite of design, implementation and support services that allow clients to cost-effectively manage security devices across an infrastructure.

  • Wireless Systems

    Miller Electric works with carriers, manufactures, and clients to craft a case-by-case wireless solutions designed to keep any building, campus or venue connected. To meet the specific needs of each client, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) must be a custom wireless network system designed to support and all cellular, data or multimedia needs.

  • Structured Cabling

    We offer the latest in cabling technology, as well as the design services you need to make sure you get the exact cabling infrastructure that meets the specific needs of your organization. We will work with you every step of the way, starting out at the design phase and through to implementation.

  • Mass Notification

    The evolution of Mass Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) continues to prove the significance of protecting individuals from human, fire, weather, and other disasters. NFPA 72 lays out strict guidelines when it comes to the latest fire detection, signaling and emergency communication demands. Working with industry partners, we help our clients understand the law, while installing systems that will keep occupants safe and informed.

  • Audio/Visual

    The demand for networked audio/visual (A/V) solutions has increased significantly due to the integration of audiovisual and IT technology. From integrated voice/data/video systems for educational facilities, to audio and video presentation systems, our staff specializes in designing and implementing solutions for our clients. Our system designers, market specialists, project managers, and support staff are uniquely qualified to provide a full spectrum of technical support for any organization.

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