Rubix Foods Welcomes New Innovation Center and HQ

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Project Highlights, Systems Integration

Rubix Foods

On September 20, 2022, Rubix Foods welcomed the grand opening of its new headquarters and groundbreaking Innovation Center. You’ve may have never heard of Rubix Foods, but you have probably tasted or used their products and enjoyed them. Rubix Foods is a leading culinary science innovator who engineers flavor, functional ingredients, and packaging for the restaurant and food manufacturing industries; this includes many brands you are probably familiar with. Filling a unique niche, the Jacksonville-based company has collaborated with nearly three-quarters (70%) of the top 150 restaurant chains in the United States and also works with numerous major food-centered manufacturers. In short, when a food manufacturer or restaurant needs a new menu item, flavor, or item package, they go to Rubix Foods. 

Rubix Foods’ flavors, ingredients, and food packaging creations are vast. How vast? Well, a few examples of these creations include whipped cream in an aerosol can, sour cream packaging for several major fast food chains, cold foam for a top national coffee chain, and low-fat, taste-mirroring substitute for heavy whipping cream. Rubix has also pioneered products that boost protein levels and glazes that help fried foods maintain crispiness. To top it off, they’ve cooked up more sauces (and their respective packaging) than you can imagine.

The Innovation Center

Rubix Foods broke ground on the Innovation Center in October 2020, and Miller Electric was involved every step of the way.   The Innovation Center showcases groundbreaking technological features that will streamline and accelerate Rubix Foods’ renowned culinary creations –  from concept to production to consumers. These features include:

  • Show Kitchen: State-of-the-art show kitchen for in-person and virtual demonstrations.
  • R&D Lab: Top-of-the-line R&D lab for prototype development and evaluation.
  • R&D Test Kitchen: Industry-leading R&D test kitchen with advanced equipment to mimic customers’ operations.
  • Pilot Plants: Two cutting-edge pilot plants to simulate real-world manufacturing.
  • Consumer Insights: Full-scale sensory panel and dedicated market research and consumer insight facilities.
  • Quality Assurance Lab: Extensive food safety and quality assurance capabilities.

As a Design/Build Technology Project,  the work of our Integrated Solutions Team runs through every inch of the new 50,000-square-foot building. There are nearly 300 miles of cables linking internal networks, sales and administrative departments, and logistics offices. The state-of-the-art Audio/Video systems our teams installed are also integral to all operations at Rubix Foods. As the Innovation Center focuses on collaboration with clients, in-person/virtual market testing, and product showcasing, our A/V work is seen and heard in every department and room in the building. TVs with networked communication features and touchscreen panels welcome interactivity and collaboration. Aesthetic and functional digital signage systems shine and are prominent in many departments and offices. In the Show Kitchen, a massive retractable LED panel can be raised and lowered from the ceiling as needed. Audio systems throughout the building ensure optimum message clarity and volume. Alternatively, if less volume is what is needed, the SoundMasking systems our teams installed will ensure targeted silence and privacy. 

To ensure employee and client security, team members designed and installed access control systems facility-wide. They also implemented networked surveillance video systems with advanced monitoring software and intrusion detection devices.

Just as Rubix Foods operates as a full-service partner in the realm of culinary science, marketing, and logistics, Miller Electric proudly serves our clients as a Systems Integrator and Technology Solutions Partner. We have delivered sophisticated solutions to laboratories, manufacturers, distribution hubs, healthcare facilities, government institutions, and data centers. Our vast cross-disciplinary expertise in systems integration, power, security, data, and telecommunications, guarantees our ability to design and implement solutions that fulfill every client’s unique needs. Our unified approach and top-to-bottom solutions provide our clients with a competitive edge, financial savings, and a superior experience.

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