Energy and Sustainability

A reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy infrastructure is critical to the success of any organization. The convergence of energy and information systems is creating a new set of possibilities for the future of our energy infrastructure. At Miller Electric Company, we are leveraging the increased connectedness to drive energy performance. Whether you are implementing an energy monitoring system, upgrading your lighting system to improve energy efficiency, or implementing a renewable energy solution, Miller Electric Company is working to power the possibilities of a more connected future.

  • Monitoring & Control Systems

    There are many steps a facility can take to estimate power usage, but these calculations are often not accurate enough to support better energy efficiency within an infrastructure. With energy monitoring services from Miller Electric, facilities can get access to energy usage statistics that provide a true reading of how much power is actually being used within a facility, as well as the ability to track how this usage changes over time.

  • Energy Auditing

    The need to reduce energy costs and know the efficiency of your facility is a crucial business practice for successful budgeting, and knowing how to reduce the energy costs to build that efficiency is a key factor. Our energy auditing services can provide a detailed view into how power is being utilized, turn audit results into usable action plans, and continuous analysis to prove plans are working.

  • Lighting Retrofits

    Energy is an expense that commonly gets overlooked in the scheme of your company's operations. Lighting attributes up to 40% of your building's total energy overhead. Our professionals will provide you with lighting upgrades that can save you money, as well as achieve system paybacks in as little as 2.5 years.

  • Distributed Power Generation

    With energy becoming a manageable priority for your company, it is important that you have full control of your energy spend. The ability to control your energy consumption and not be subjected to peak utility rate structures is now possible through advancements in energy supply and storage. Here at Miller we are building these distributed generation systems to allow you to have a predictable monthly energy spend saving you time and money.

  • E/V Charging Stations

    Behind the increasing number of charging stations lies the expertise of our team. Since 2017, we have been relied upon to install charging stations for a wide range of customers all over the United States. Our clients are as varied as the vehicles they power. In addition, our partnerships with the largest manufacturers and distributors of charging stations guarantees that we, too, will be leading the charge in clean energy production. 

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