Miller Leads the Charge at Zero-Emissions Industry Forum

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Energy & Sustainability, Industry Info

“At Miller, we believe that electrification generally and Electric Vehicle adoption specifically are not just business trends to watch…They are a shift in the way the world approaches transportation and mobility. We believe this because we have been at the center of it for over a decade now,” said Kerri Stewart, Vice President of Business Analytics and Strategic Initiatives at Miller Electric. The inaugural Zero-Emissions Industry Forum was a two-day event that brought together experts in the fields of energy, sustainability, technology, transportation, and related industries. “The goal of the forum was to bring together professionals who are leading the charge in converting transit fleets to zero-emission to meet federal, state, and local sustainability and climate goals,” explained Stewart. 

These goals are imperative to our North East Florida region. Business Analytics Intern, Walker Smith, said during the forum, attendees “were reminded multiple times that Jacksonville is the largest city in the nation by landmass.” With that in mind, it is key to our city and its population’s growth that we are able to lead the pack in making electric vehicles to move towards zero emissions and a cleaner city. 

Another business analytics intern, Allie Seay, commented, “in the upcoming years, the US will be putting significant funds towards electrification. Without a plan in place, we risk using that money inefficiently.” This forum brought together these experts to discuss how to use these funds in a manner that will best suit the region. 

The importance of this event was not lost on Miller Electric as a company either. As the leading EV solutions provider in the United States, we are playing an active role in ensuring that the goals of this forum are met. The conversations that Miller was a part of allowed attendees to be on the same page, which, in turn, will allow things to change.

Stewart was the moderator for a panel at the forum, whose speakers included executives and CEOs from the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, JEA, The North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (NFTPO),and JAXUSA Partnership. Her panel discussed outcomes that the panelists’ companies had for the future of net-zero emissions, ways to remain flexible in the fast-paced world of technology, and how to get our community involved with these goals.

In Stewart’s closing remarks, she said, “We need to focus on the importance of the possible outcomes that current choices can create, and place an emphasis on the benefits that the region will receive for the investments we make.”

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