Building Intelligence

Through the integration of smart technology and automated processes, buildings are now capable of collecting data and managing it to help streamline business functions and services.  This data allows building occupants to become more productive through improved lighting systems, temperature control, air quality, and security at a lower cost and environmental impact than a building without smart technology. Sensors and control systems link all of a building’s core systems to a connected and responsible smart power grid that allows building managers to fine-tune processes to lower energy and maintenance costs.

To enhance our commitment to provide value to our clients, we have teamed up with longtime partner Facility Automation Solutions, to form a joint venture that will focus on providing technology driven turn-key solutions on the customer side of the meter.  Our goal is to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of their energy infrastructure. Energy Connections Group, or EnCo for short, will leverage the expertise and skills of both organizations to provide everything from initial consulting to implementation to long-time monitoring.

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  • Building Management Systems (BMS)

    Reduce energy usage and maintain building efficiency utilizing the latest in IP based systems and analytics. The demand for a more reliable, secure, and energy efficient facility is growing. Miller delivers intelligent building solutions that lower capital expenses and reduce operating costs. Our solutions enable clients to integrate power, IT, and facilities, connecting all assets with physical infrastructure.

  • Data Center Infrastructure Management

    Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions provide data center managers with greater visibility and tracking system operations inside their data center. Automating the process of gathering information keeps the data center running efficiently and effectively. We provide our clients with the latest in DCIM solutions as part of every monitoring project we implement which ensures optimal data center performance and prevents infrastructure issues that could result in inefficiency or downtime.

  • Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

    Your facility’s infrastructure serves as the backbone that makes everything else possible. Implementing monitoring solutions from Miller Electric Company will provide you with visibility into your facility and information needed to proactively manage your business. Our professional staff will provide 24/7 monitoring of your facility infrastructure, along with guaranteed rapid response time to fix any issues that the monitoring solution may identify.

  • Lighting Controls

    Energy is an expense that commonly gets overlooked in the scheme of your company's operations. With this in mind, Miller Electric can help you start saving money. Lighting attributes up to 40% of your building's total energy overhead. Our professionals will provide you with lighting upgrades that can save you money, as well as achieve system paybacks in as little as 2.5 years.

  • HVAC Controls

    Maintaining comfortability is key when planning for HVAC controls. The proper control system and platform is critical in creating the most comfortable environment for your building occupants. At Miller, we are providing controls that will not only make your HVAC cycling times more efficient, but increase the performance and lifecycle of your HVAC equipment.

  • Predictive Analysis

    Analyzing your facility, rather than reacting to a situation, maximizes productivity and reliability for your organization. By providing predictive analytics, we are able to use the data collected to help our customers better manage their facilities.

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