Mastering the Future of Electrical Contracting: The MSI

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Building Intelligence

Contrary to what one might think, the integration of building services has not become easier over time but more complicated. Once individual and unrelated, electric and technological systems become increasingly interconnected as they converge to form ‘smart buildings’. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that building owners and facilities managers, already faced with the challenge of operating and maintaining so many systems, also struggle with updates and upgrades each time the need arises (which is often).

What if there was a single contractor that could bring all your power and low-voltage systems to life, seamlessly integrate AND converge those systems, and provide you with the expertise to service and upgrade those systems for years to come?

Enter the Master Systems Integrator (MSI). An MSI can be thought of as a client’s strategic technology partner, someone who can be there from a project’s conception to its completion, and then for the foreseeable future as a guide and colleague to help the client navigate the ever-changing world of power and integrated systems.

The Role of the MSI

One of an MSI’s primary functions is to bridge the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). Operational technology refers to building systems such as power, critical infrastructure and backup, Building Management Systems, HVAC Controls, Access Control, Security, Safety, Lighting, Facility Monitoring, and other support systems. Information technology (IT) the design and construction of networks, implementing cybersecurity, developing databases, and collaborating with IT divisions to meet requirements. Without a Master Integrator, building owners must hire a cast of experts and subcontractors to install and maintain individual systems. This process is far more complicated than hiring an MSI, who takes on the responsibility of total building system integration across multiple systems. Additionally, the capability to oversee and operate all of a facility’s systems using a single interface gives building owners and managers unmatched insight and access.

Although using one service provider to design, install, and integrate all building systems is new, it is the fastest and most efficient building management method.

During new construction projects, the MSI is there in the design stages to help maneuver the selection, connection, and integration of the control systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems, IT, software, and security. The MSI coordinates the numerous system specialists and vendors to produce the most optimum, efficient, and powerful building or building management system (BMS). The integration of systems on a construction project can bring immense value to the owner. By synergizing their Operational Technology approach with IT, companies increase operational efficiency and conserve energy while simultaneously reducing the budget.

Finally, building stakeholders’ most beneficial partnership occurs when an MSI is contracted as a long-term, professional service. Being an ongoing service provider allows them to perform upgrades and customize new solutions when necessary; the MSI can deliver the technological results and their associated data to the owner exactly how they want it. For now, it is optional for building owners to build a relationship with a Master Systems Integrator; however, as systems evolve and converge, it will almost certainly be a necessity in the near future.

As an electrical contractor and systems integrator in a vast number of markets, Miller Electric Company is excited to assume the responsibility of becoming your strategic technology partner.

We have delivered sophisticated solutions to healthcare facilities, state and federal government institutions, laboratories, manufacturers, distribution hubs, and data centers. With an immense depth of cross-disciplinary expertise in power, systems integration, security, data, and telecommunications, a Master Systems Integrator like Miller Electric can create custom applications and solutions that fulfill client facilities’ unique needs. Our unified approach and top to bottom solutions provide our clients with a competitive edge, financial savings, and a superior occupant experience.

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