Shooter Detection Systems

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Industry Info

1,102 killed. That is the number of mass shooting casualties that have taken place in the United States since 1966. Their ages range from the unborn to the elderly; 185 being children and teenagers.

154 shootings. In the 50 years before the Texas tower shooting (1966), there were just 25 public mass shootings on record. Since then, that number has risen in dramatic fashion, and many of the deadliest mass shootings have occurred within the past few years.

Those statistics are staggering to say the least. In a time where such unfortunate tragedies are becoming an everyday reality, we must take a proactive approach to lessen the effects of evil by saving lives.

Cue Shooter Detection Systems

This Massachusetts based company has decades of experience in the development and delivery of military gunshot detection technology. Their performance certified indoor gunshot detection systems are designed to work with leading security technologies and systems integrators (like Genetec and Lencore) to deliver the highest performing life safety solutions. Miller Electric is working to install these systems around the state of Florida to lessen the effects of a mass casualty event.

How it works

Installed sensors come equipped with microphones capable of detecting gunshots and infrared cameras which work to spot muzzle flash. This technology alerts police of danger immediately – allowing law enforcement to watch live feeds of the facility through surveillance cameras.

While law enforcement officials are being contacted, the system sends alerts to people in the area; informing them of the situation and offering escape routes. Because the system can detect the exact location of the shooter, first responders are able to make decisions that can help save lives. They can remotely lock and unlock doors to trap the shooter, while allowing innocent lives to escape through alternate routes.

Is this system necessary?

CEO, Christian Connors, of Shooter Detection Systems says that “It’s a sad commentary on our society that gunshot detection systems are necessary to ensure one’s safety, especially within our schools.” And we would have to agree with him. However, at a time when such horrific events are commonplace, are we doing all that we can to protect our students, our employees, and our loved ones? We believe in installing this technology because it works to save lives.


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