Miller Graduates Apprentices from the Electrical Training Alliance

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Company Updates, Electrical Contracting, Industry Info

Graduates from Jacksonville ceremony pictured above, graduates from Gainesville ceremony pictured below.

Throughout May and June, we often celebrate the accomplishments of graduates from all levels of schooling – from kindergarten to high school, college and beyond. Miller  was proud to celebrate graduates of our own, as they completed their 5-year apprenticeship program through the Electrical Training Alliance. In fact, this was a notable year for Miller employees, as we graduated 30 electricians in Jacksonville alone. Their graduation ceremony, hosted at the Prime Osborn Convention Center in May, was a celebration of the work they have put in over the past five years and marks the beginning of what is proven to be a very successful career path.

What is the Electrical Training Alliance Apprenticeship Program?

In short, the program prepares people to become electricians, with no experience needed. The Electrical Training Alliance is a state registered apprenticeship program – meaning accepted applicants will receive a combination of formal training and on-the-job experience. Students attend classes two evenings a week which focus on electrical theory, how to use tools, safety and hands-on practice in a lab environment. 

Upon graduation, these students are well-rounded, qualified electricians, eligible to work anywhere in the country. The best part is, they are generally earning the same amount as a college graduate, with no college debts or student loans to repay, because the program is completely free.

Serving our Clients through the Apprenticeship Program

The Electrical Training Alliance produces the most highly-skilled electrical workers in the industry. Our projects are only as good as the trade professionals we have working on them, which is why we don’t settle for just using electrical workers, we use electrical craftsperson.

Today, we are seeing more and more workers jump straight to a highly specialized skill, without the proper understanding of electrical work. This concerns us, as only those that understand the true power of electrical work and how to harness it safely should be building out our projects. 

The industry-renowned apprenticeship program offered by the Electrical Training Alliance is the highest level of education any electrical worker can receive. By simultaneously combining classroom curriculum with real-world experience, students become the best craftspersons possible.

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