Jeremy Urfer – Senior Manager of Vehicle Electrification

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Company Updates

Electric Vehicles are taking over; The combined benefits of monetary savings and sustainability make them an attractive choice for individuals and companies. For this reason, Miller Electric has seen a significant uptick in EV related work, and we expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future.  For this reason, our executives decided to expand our team of professionals to include someone with a long history in the field of electric vehicles. Enter Jeremy Urfer, our new Senior Manager of Vehicle Electrification. We caught up with Jeremy to chat with him about the EV market, his experience in the industry, and how he thinks the market will shape up in the future. 


Your new role is also a brand-new position at Miller Electric. Could you give us a quick rundown on what it entails?

“Senior Manager of Vehicle Electrification” is essentially the oversight of our newest emerging market, electric vehicles. The industry is expanding to include much more than electric cars, a vehicle in this industry now includes boats, buses, and eventually all major forms of transportation. 

Have you always worked in the electrical industry?

The electrical industry is the only industry I’ve wanted to work in; I graduated high school on a Friday, and on Monday was already working in the field. Throughout fieldwork, sales, and management, I’ve been introduced to many inspiring people, many of which have led me to my current career path.

What excites you the most about your particular corner of the industry?

Being on the forefront of a dynamic, rapidly growing market and the technologies that emerge from it. The EV market, the infrastructure that we’re building, isn’t just a fad or a generational trend. We’re helping to build what the entire world is embracing, electric-powered vehicles that are efficient and cleaner.

How has your experience as a member of the Miller Electric family been so far?

It’s been outstanding! I’ve worked with many Miller Electric team members throughout my career, and now getting to be part of the same team has only reaffirmed that this is by far the best electrical company to work for. Everyone in the JAX office, my local Phoenix office, and the satellite offices I talk to daily have been more than accommodating and friendly. I thoroughly enjoy meeting people and building relationships. I am excited to be part of a truly nationwide team that will allow me to meet and work with colleagues and customers in every part of the country.

Any other aspects of your history that have contributed to your overall outlook?

I’m also a trained firefighter and EMT and am appreciative of the experiences I’ve been exposed to. Our industry often faces tight deadlines, last-minute scrambling, heated tempers, and stressful project situations. Experiences in Emergency Services really put into perspective what a REAL emergency is, and in turn, it’s made handling any stresses of the electrical industry much easier.

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