The Need for EV Charging Stations Skyrockets

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Industry Info

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are fast becoming the future of the American road — and for a good cause. The desire to reduce pollution, oil dependence, and money spent on gas are potent motivators for drivers and businesses alike. In 2018, Electric Vehicles accounted for 208,000 new registrations in the U.S — more than double the number filed the previous year (IHS Markit – Forbes). Moreover, estimates by some experts predict that by 2040, EVs will make up at least 57% of all passenger cars sold globally. This significant increase in sales is a good sign that the nation is on the right track and is beginning to embrace sustainable energy as a way of life. However, this transformation is not without its challenges.

“Range Anxiety”

One of the primary barriers to entry for consumers looking to make the switch from a conventional car to an Electric Vehicle is “range anxiety,” or the fear of running out of power during a commute. One of the best ways to address this anxiety is to increase the number of readily available EV charging stations, which are currently overshadowed by their gas station predecessors. To put this in context, current estimates by The Department of Energy put the number of electric charging stations in the U.S. at 24,632 while the number of gas stations stands at well over 100,000.

To meet the growing need for EV charging stations, manufacturers like ChargePoint have gone into overdrive, and the EV charging station market is projected to reach $30 Billion by 2024This nationwide building spree signals that auto industry leaders are expecting the Electric Vehicle revolution to boom for years to come.

Miller’s Role in Expanding the EV Charging Network

Enter Miller Electric; behind the increasing number of charging stations lies the expertise of our teams. Since 2017, we have repeatedly been relied upon to install charging stations for a wide range of customers all over the United States. Our clients are as varied as the vehicles they power. We have provided charging station installations and service to dealerships such as Audi, Porsche, and Harley Davidson; retail spaces such as Whole Foods; and industrial clients such as JaxPort. We are also proud to have provided these clean energy sources to one of our state’s shining treasures, The Everglades National Park. In addition, our partnerships with the largest manufacturers and distributors of charging stations guarantees that we, too, will be leading the charge in clean energy production. Behind every one of these battery-powered drivers is an EV-charging station, and behind many of these charging stations is Miller Electric Company. By continuing to provide solutions to our clients, we help to create a greener and smarter future for our communities. 


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