David Stallings

David Stallings

Digital Strategy Officer

In the Digital Strategy Officer position, David will be responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy across the technology landscape.  He will work with the entire leadership team to prioritize, create, and implement an action plan for digital transformation.  David joined the company as an Assistant Project Manager in 1987, and continued his growth as Project Manager and Senior Project Manager.  David is an RCDD, has an AA in Computer Science from USF, and a BA in Management from University of Phoenix. Since becoming Vice President in 2012, David has transitioned the Integrated Systems team from a reactive service provider to a proactive technology solutions provider.  His leadership of the SiteSecure acquisition in 2014 has proved transformative for the entire company. This new role brings David’s innovative thinking to the entire company to create a culture of innovation and digital leadership that embraces curiosity, experimentation, agility, and collaboration.

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