Kerri Stewart – Vice President of Business Analytics & Strategic Initiatives

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Company Updates

Kerri Stewart recently joined Miller to take on the role of Vice President of Business Analytics and Strategic Initiatives. We met up with her to discuss her aspirations for her new position as well as the path that led her to it.

What was your journey into your current position? I worked in Technology as a project manager for many years until I got into Public Service in 2003. I worked for 3 Jacksonville mayors (Peyton, Brown, and Curry), serving many roles throughout government, culminating in serving Mayor Curry as his Chief of Staff for two years. For the last three years, I was the Chief Customer Officer at JEA. In all of the roles I have had, I relied heavily on data to design campaigns and programs and measure outcomes. At JEA specifically, the Customer and Utility Analytics group was a significant part of my team. Also, while at JEA, I received a certificate in Business Analytics from the Harvard Business Analytics Program (HBAP). The role at Miller is a dream combination of all of the work and study I have been involved in in the last two decades. 

What feature of your new role are you most excited to dive into? My first major task at Miller is being the executive sponsor for the Salesforce software/platform implementation. I am very excited about the project because it allows me to get to know a lot about the people and processes at Miller in a very short period of time.  

How has your experience as a member of the Miller Electric family been so far? Family is the keyword! Everyone has welcomed me like family. Being a part of such an amazing and accomplished team working for a company as storied as Miller has me excited to come to work every day.

Thank you for speaking with us! One last thing, are there any other aspects of your career or personal life that you are proud of? I am a 3rd generation Jacksonville native.

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