Data Center Project

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Company Updates

Miller Electric Company worked closely with our customer on this 10,000 sq. ft. design build project in Chandler, Arizona. We installed ten remote power panels and a static switch in support of the server cabinets, redundant network cabinets and associated telecom equipment. Each server cabinet is fed from a redundant power source utilizing 208V/60A, three phase circuits. All single corded devices are powered from the static switch and feed remote power panels to provide redundant power to these devices. All equipment was commissioned and properly labeled per the latest NFPA-70e standards.

Additionally, we installed an overhead cable tray system to provide redundant pathways for Cat-6a and fiber installations. Each server cabinet has a minimum of twenty four Cat-6a cables and OM4 multimode fiber to form a redundant A and B network.

The cable plant infrastructure is on top of rack configurations to allow end of life cabinets and new and old equipment to be exchanged without reconfiguring the power or cable plant. Each cabinet row is setup for high density cooling with the option for containment should the need arise. All Cat-6a cabling was certified and labeled to the latest TIA/EIA standards. Miller Electric had a role in receiving all equipment for the client, racking and stacking of equipment, patching and dressing of all cables.

This project was completed in six weeks to meet client deadlines and was on time and within budget.

Employees on project included

Vice President: Donnie Smith

Senior Project Manager: Shannon Cormell

Assistant Project Manager: Danny Spano

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