Powering Successful Stories – Start Yours With Us

At Miller Electric, we strive to continually invest in our employees and their families. By living out our core values, we have created a culture of shared success with our employees and our clients.  We continue to grow, we continue to embrace innovation, and we continue to provide our employees with a lifetime of success. We are in the business of powering successful stories. Start yours with us.

“One piece of advice I have is know your core values and go at it with everything you got. For me, when you get to live your core values, I feel like I don’t have to go to work; I get to work at Miller Electric and I absolutely love it.” – Henry Brown, CEO

We are currently looking for candidates with any level experience to join our team working on some of the most exciting commercial and industrial projects in the area. If you are looking for a job in the field, please visit to learn more about the opportunities we have available and apply.