AutoCall Distribution Partnership

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Systems Integration

Miller Electric | AutoCall Distribution Partner 

People and facilities everywhere deserve to be protected by fire detection systems that deliver unparalleled performance. Recognizing this immense importance, Miller Electric is excited to introduce that we are now a Distribution Partner for the AutoCall Fire Alarm product line. Backed by a legacy of innovation and invention, Autocall is pushing the industry forward with feature-rich fire detection systems that help to ensure that our customers are safe and their facilities are secure.

It isn’t just about being code-compliant. We deliver technologically superior systems that we can show you are easy to install, simple to service, and cost-effective to own. For us, simplifying the customer experience means delivering Autocall fire detection products that are adaptable, scalable, and reliable.

Game-changing Autocall technology means systems that perform — day after day, year after year. We believe that customers shouldn’t have to compromise — they should rest easy knowing their people and buildings are protected by the most reliable fire detection and alarm systems.

Key Benefits:

Addressable Technology: Allows each sensor and notification appliance to be individually identified and supervised by the fire alarm control panel, ensuring device disconnections or failures are quickly detected and reported.

Control Panels: Allow integration with building management and security systems to centralize facility control.

Testing: Can be done any time, day or night, without disrupting building occupants or operations. Users can set appliances to self-test automatically according to a predetermined schedule.

Notifications: Provide robust documentation and reporting capabilities. Appliance information and test history are stored and can be easily retrieved to generate reports for compliance.

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