What is a Data Center?

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Company Updates

A Data Center is where enterprise servers and storage are located. It is where the majority of critical data is stored, operated, and managed. A Data Center is also known as the server room. This facility integrates an organization�s IT operations and equipment.

Data centers are critical for maintaining continuity for your day-to-day operations. The operations, reliability, and security of your data is now a top priority for almost all organizations.

  • Facility:

    The facility is usually a usable raised floor environment, also called “white space”. Optimizing the white space is critical to maintain a constant temperature as specified by the manufacturer to safeguard the equipment.

  • Support Infrastructure:

    Support infrastructure is the extra space and equipment necessary for the data center operations. This infrastructure may include power transformers, power backup (UPS), generators, remote transmission units (RTUs), chillers, HVAC systems etc. Typically, a high-density data center which includes this kind of support infrastructure, consumes 5 times more space than the white space. This is an important consideration while designing a data center.

  • IT equipment:

    IT equipment is the most important component in any data center facility. This includes servers, storage hardware, cables, racks, management systems, as well as a variety of information security elements including firewalls.

  • Operations:

    The operations team works hard to ensure the reliability of the data center, as well as the critical information housed within the facility. This team makes sure that the IT systems are carefully operated, maintained, and restored whenever required. Usually, this responsibility is divided between the technical team and the staff responsible for the IT support.

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