Smarter Security: Video Content Analytics

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Company Updates

In the event of a crime, being a step ahead is of the utmost importance for investigators. A common problem facing modern law enforcement is the time required to analyze the vast amount of data that video surveillance systems collect. The data captured by video includes elements such as object classification, size, color, shape, brand and make, gender, age, facial detail, movement, speed, direction, and many more. Typically, surveillance systems archive as much data as possible and then store it for a predetermined time. If no incidents or crimes occur during that period, the footage is overwritten. However, suppose an incident occurs within the period. In that case, the data is sorted and analyzed to find helpful video clips that investigators can use to assess the incident and identify suspects or persons of interest.

The Most Valuable Resource: Time

While the data can contain valuable information, sorting through hours of footage from hundreds of cameras is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that takes up valuable human resources. Given that speed and timing are law enforcement’s most valuable resources, many agencies now embrace smart analytics surveillance platforms such as BriefCam to analyze hours of data with extreme efficiency. Our Integrated Solutions teams recently implemented the BriefCam platform for the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. It takes hours of footage and makes it easily searchable using object recognition and filtering. Using this platform (as well as Genetec’s Community Connect system), Clay County law enforcement officers can pursue leads and persons of interest with the speed they couldn’t have imagined before.

Video Content Analytics (VCA) In Action

For a practical example of this technology, consider the following scenario; an investigator needs to search footage of a crowded mall for a person of interest in a burglary. The suspect he or she needs to locate is a tall man wearing a blue shirt and carrying a white bag while walking rapidly. Usually, this process would involve the investigator watching hours of footage in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the suspect in the crowd. Using intelligent content analysis, the investigator can set the program to search only for individuals meeting those criteria. Next, the software delivers a video synopsis to the user containing all the footage of people meeting only those exact specifications (male, blue shirt, white bag, speed). 

This technology has another significant benefit over traditional surveillance systems; instead of unused footage being stored and eventually deleted, the software continuously analyzes it to pick up suspicious trends and patterns. This metadata is indexed and can immediately be recalled in an incident or used in real-time to prevent crime.

Our Integrated Solutions teams have deployed this solution for several clients, and many more are to follow. Using this ground-breaking advance in security measures, these clients can rest assured that their residents will be safer than ever before. 

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