Powering the Possibilities with the IoT

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Industry Info

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things, or “IoT,” is not a specific device or technology. Rather, it’s a conceptual framework, driven by the idea of embedding connectivity and intelligence in a wide range of devices.

The ability to collect vast amounts of data in near-real time from this broad range of intelligent connected devices is the foundation of the IoT. This data can then be accessed directly, or via the cloud, and unique value proposition can be created through the application of complex analytics and big data techniques.

If we know one thing, the IoT is here to stay.

This chart represents how many IoT devices will be connected globally in 2017. The industrial sector, driven by building automation, industrial automation and lighting, will account for nearly ½ of new connected devices between 2015 and 2025.


Powering the IoT

At Miller Electric Company, we are excited about the possibilities of a more connected future. While we have helped clients with their electrical infrastructure for generations, The IoT provides a whole new set of possibilities for us to add value. For example, if the lights in a building are all connected and are also connected to motion sensors, the impact can be exponential. It is not just about having the lights turn off when the room is not in use, it’s about harvesting data of facility usage to optimize other building systems such as HVAC and further leverage efficiency to save money for our clients.

From building and factories to cars, ships, locomotives, or entire cities, the insights produced by the IoT have the power to transform our world. We are positioning Miller Electric at the center of this convergence, capitalizing on information and energy that power the possibility of a more connected future.


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