Powering Innovative Lung Care at Mayo Clinic

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Community, Project Highlights

Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, has welcomed their brand new 75,000-foot Net-Zero energy consumption building. The United TheraputicsLung Restoration Center, which opened August 22, 2019, is pioneering technology for the most fragile and delicate organ to transplant – the lungs.
The innovative building includes the required systems to produce on-site energy, including solar arrays and geothermal heat exchangers. The facility will also utilize the most current technologies and materials to reduce the energy used day-to-day.
Our scope included a new emergency and standard power distribution system. It also included a control monitoring system that will observe the power infrastructure and collect, display, and record all metering data throughout the entirety of the electrical system.

Our teams also installed a high-efficiency LED lighting system, along with a network-based digitally addressable lighting control system.
Each luminaire and control device has an individual identity and can be configured into different control zones, light outputs, and uses during the building operation.

Mayo Clinic’s new lung center will not only restore the critical organs for transplantation, but the building will also provide space for a bio-innovation hub.

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