MCIS Awarded 3-Year Contracts at 18 Sites

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Company Updates

MCIS, a service of Miller Electric, has just been awarded 3-year critical equipment contracts at 18 sites across the country for a large Fortune 500 company. Our client requested MCIS to take ownership of their critical equipment which will allow them to focus on their core business Vice President Donnie Smith said.

For these contracts, MCIS will provide preventative maintenance, 24 hour support monitoring, managing and maintaining generators, as well as UPS systems and output gear. Data centers require a significant amount of capital for both management and maintenance. By providing these services, MCIS helps our clients reduce overall cost by improving efficiency and reliability of their data center infrastructure.

MCIS is Miller Electric Companys brand for Data Center and Critical Facility Solutions. It is an evolution of Miller Electrics Critical Power Services combined with Integrated Systems and with the addition of Monitoring Solutions. MCIS packages these together so that we can deliver to clients our entire range of Critical Facility Solutions through one offering. We provide our clients with solutions that allow them to focus on their core business while we focus on their critical infrastructure.

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