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One of the Miller family was recognized by the American Red Cross on June 21, 2012 for his family’s actions in performing CPR on a 3 month old infant.

Charlotte electrician Jim Powers, his wife Cathleen and daughter Madison were awarded the American Red Cross – Certificate of Merit. This is the highest level award that the Red Cross gives for saving a life and is signed by President Obama.

While acting as Foster parents, the Powers were keeping little Blaine and administering the prescribed medications and breathing treatments when the baby went limp, stopped breathing and turned blue. Thinking he may be choking, Cathleen tried to clear the baby’s airway by delivering back thrusts. Jim called 911 to get help.

After assessing the breathing and pulse, she found neither and Jim started CPR. Daughter Madison got out her CPR manual (all foster parents are required to be CPR certified) and she helped ensure that Jim was properly applying infant CPR techniques.

After 15 – 20 seconds of CPR, the baby took a shallow breath on his own but was still in distress as Paramedics arrived. The baby was quickly transported to Presbyterian Main Hospital where he was treated and started breathing on his own.

After a long process of verification including interviewing the family, first responders and doctors, the Red Cross confirmed that the actions taken by the Powers family directly saved the life of the infant and that the entire
family deserved to be awarded the Certificate of Merit.

The Powers still see little Blaine regularly and are now his God Parents. Besides being foster parents, this amazing family also volunteers for the local Red Cross chapter and responds to fires and other tragic events and provides support to first responders by setting up food and drinks or help for the victims by setting up hotel rooms if they lose their house through fire.

Miller Electric Company is proud to have a committed employee who serves the community and gives of his time and efforts to help others in need.

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