Integrated Solutions for Emergency Management

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Project Highlights

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Glynn County, GA is designed to help citizens prepare for situations where a single decision can mean life or death. Therefore the speed at which emergency management gathers and distributes the most relevant information during a crisis is of utmost importance.

The recent overhaul of the EOC by our Integrated Solutions team seamlessly inputs data from a wide range of scientific and government agencies into a touchscreen control panel. From this matrix, personnel can instantly combine, and present reports on the new 22’ LED display at the center of the EOC, or on any of the four additional 65” screens.


This system also makes use of Glynn County’s fiber network to establish full two-way communication between the Emergency Operations Center and the Pate Building (the location of the county seat). This connection gives the county commissioner the choice to operate either remotely or within the EOC.

Additionally, our AV team installed an integrated front-of-house audio system, a hearing-impaired audio-transmission system, as well as the capability for personnel to incorporate wireless casting from any device to any of the displays.

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