Hiring Retired Military Personnel through DOD SkillBridge Program

by | May 9, 2023 | Company Updates, Industry Info

The Department of Defense’s SkillBridge program allows military members that are separating from the military to spend up to their last 6 months of service interning at approved companies to learn new skill sets that they can use in their civilian careers. The SkillBridge program is intended to bridge the gap between the participant’s military life and their civilian life. 

We have been a participant in the program for over 2 years and we have used it primarily to aid service members interested in becoming an electrician.  The majority of our SkillBridge interns have interned in the field as Construction Wireman interns and some have seamlessly entered the apprenticeship following their military service.  Check out what some of our participants are saying! 


“I recommend the SkillBridge Program to absolutely everybody, especially if you’re getting out of the military and think this is something you’d want to do.” – Andrew Cherrington


“I really did enjoy the program. I though it was a great tool and it helped me transition out of the Marine Corps way easier than I ever expected.” – Kelly Doyle


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