Heart Healthy Fun: MECO Raises $30,000 for American Heart Association Field Day

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Community

Our Jacksonville employees got their hearts pumping and didn’t miss a beat participating in the 2021 First Coast Field Day. Sponsored by the American Heart Association, Field Day helps employees combat burnout, build connections, and cut stress.

In the month leading up to the event, our teams got ready with the Proper Prep Challenge, which improves overall health with activities and education. The goal of Field Day is to have fun while raising funds to save lives in the community. This year’s inaugural event had 14 teams and over 140 players participating in games such as Flip Cup, Rice Bowl, Roll the Dice, the ever-popular Sack Race.

This year, MECO raised almost $30,000 through employee donations and a company match. By hosting Field Day, we helped our employees alleviate stress and burnout and better their heart health through a campaign that includes having fun and giving back.

The top three teams were celebrated at the end of the day, with the ‘Hot Rods’ taking home the trophy and, of course, bragging rights. That is, until next year! 


  • Getting up-to-the-minute research into doctors’ hands so they can better present and treat heart disease among patients. 
  • Groundbreaking pediatric heart and stroke research that is key to saving babies’ lives. 
  • Providing information that can save a life–like how to eat better, how to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack, and how to talk to a doctor about critical health choices  
  • Funding research programs that have contributed to many important scientific advances, such as the first artificial heart valve. 
  • Educating heart and stroke patients to understand how COVID-19 could uniquely affect them and arming them with the research and knowledge on how to best protect themselves.

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