Healthcare Field Leadership Program

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Company Updates

Our first annual Accelerated Leadership & Development Program gathered apprentices from healthcare projects around the city of Jacksonville for an evening of recognition, training and awareness. With over 50 apprentices in attendance, our management team had the opportunity to interact and mentor those individuals responsible for working in some of the most premier healthcare facilities around the city.

The first half of the program was a celebration honoring those apprentices that moved up a class and those who topped out. Round table introductions allowed each apprentice the opportunity to be recognized for the hard work they have put in throughout the year.

The second half of the program offered a “Behind the Scenes” tour of our prefabrication and BIM department. All our our apprentices were divided into three groups that allowed them to rotate through stations – getting in in-depth look of how BIM, prefabrication, and new technology work together. On a day to day basis, these apprentices install the final pre-fabbed equipment on their job sites – this program gave them the opportunity to see all of the work that goes into creating the product they install.

While the main purpose of this program was for our apprentices to learn about every phase of the pre-construction process, they also learned how beneficial these operations are; not only for our company, but for our industry as a whole. The work of our preconstruction team allows Miller Electric Company to offer the same level of quality service while becoming more competitive. But more importantly, preconstruction reduces the chance for injury on the jobsite, and allows our team to keep up with aggressive scheduling so that these facilities can open up to the public they serve as soon as possible.

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