The Fourth Industrial Revolution

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Industry Info

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are the foundation of what keeps the modern world in motion. It is here that almost everything we consume or use in our daily life are created , food grade facilities, paper mills, chemical plants, recycle plants, steel mills, mines, and power plants. Industrial environments can be dusty and dirty, but they can also be clean. The equipment in them can be simple with barely any moving parts, or it can be extremely complex with an array of interactions between several automated machines. One thing that is common among all of these facilities is that it is becoming increasingly harder to find quality industrial electrical contractors to properly maintain and install their equipment. For many years in these facilities, Miller Electric has been the solution to this problem.


There are many facets to Miller Electric’s Industrial Group that often go unnoticed. It is often times viewed as a back-breaking, dangerous line of work that involves heavy cables and large conduit. Sometimes this may be true, however it is much more than just that. From one day to the next, a knowledgeable electrician in this division can go from troubleshooting PLC and instrumentation components, to splicing a 15kV cable. It is diverse tasks such as these that provide industrial electricians with the experience and knowledge needed to take on just about any situation or circumstance. Having reputable electricians with multiple years of this diverse experience is what keeps the industrial division at Miller Electric ahead of its competition. With electricians such as these both in the office and in the field, it allows our clients and future customers to see that we have what it takes to fulfill their needs.

A long history of maintaining existing facilities and the success of industrial construction projects has catapulted Miller Electric to become a sought after industrial electrical contractor nationwide. Now more than ever, we partner with general contractors and owners to complete large and small scale projects because of the trust and consistency we provide no matter where we work. With our dedicated staff of project managers, field supervisors, and hard-working journeymen, our customers see what a quality industrial electrical contractor can produce at every level.


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Industry 4.0. Smart Factories. This is what we’re calling the future of the industrial field. In the last few years, we have made immense advancements in technology. As our CEO Henry Brown has said before, we are in a time when energy, information systems, and facilities are converging to create a new set of possibilities. Now, the possibility to increase quality, productivity, and flexibility within the manufacturing industry is here. While the first three industrial revolutions were fueled by steam power, the assembly line, and automation, the fourth revolution will be powered by machine intelligence. By implementing communications technology into smart factories, we will be able to utilize wireless technologies, transfer large amounts of data, connect devices, use sensors for increased production, and provide greater efficiency.

While we are still at the early stages of this revolution, there is a growing understanding of the benefits that technology can bring to manufacturing. Intelligent monitoring will allow for improved predictive maintenance. Automatic monitoring and reporting will better overall operations and will result in a safer work environment. Better customized products will be created and costs will be reduced. But in order to bring about the next generation facility, manufacturing and industrial operations must not only create standards, but also convert their infrastructure; from the control systems to the energy grid, to communications. Intelligence has to be built into every aspect in order to create a smart factory.

Japan, China, South Korea, and the US are working on creating systems and standards which will help to create smarter factories, and while it is too soon to predict what this revolution will bring, what we can say is that it is impending. The Fourth Revolution is heading our way and Miller Electric will continue to work to create solutions that will help advance our clients into the future of manufacturing.

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