Data Center Infrastructure Management

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Industry Info

The backbone of any good infrastructure monitoring solution is quality Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. Keeping up with data center capacity management can often seem impossible for managers because of frequent changes that occur in data centers and the countless factors to consider. DCIM software can help take the guesswork out of the equation by keeping facility managers consistently informed about what’s going on with the capacity levels of their infrastructure and systems.

DCIM software also helps make intelligent plans for the proper placement of servers and other physical assets within a data center. Getting a better idea of what should go where within a facility, allows for better optimization of the use of power and cooling, which will in turn allow the facility to operate more efficiently.

What is DCIM?

A DCIM solution is essentially a software platform that provides data center managers with greater visibility and tracking system operations inside their data center. With the information DCIM provides, data center managers can make confident informed decisions.

Benefits of Implementing DCIM Solutions

  • Tracking and Managing Data Center Capacity
  • Tracking Data Center Assets
  • Monitoring Energy Efficiency in your Data Center
  • Reducing Data Center Downtime

The end goal of any infrastructure management solution should be to keep the data center running at maximum efficiency and to avoid downtime at all costs. By working with our clients to identify the best possible way to configure their data center assets, we can help them reach their goal of ensuring optimal data center performance and preventing infrastructure issues that might result in inefficiency or downtime.

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