Branchin’ Out: Tampa

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Company Updates

While Miller Electric’s roots run deeply in Jacksonville, FL, our branches are at the forefront of expanding the company to new clients and opportunities. We started a new series highlighting the people and projects at our branches– to not only show off these offices to customers but to our own employees who may not get the chance to meet one another.

The second stop on the tour is Tampa, FL. Miller Electric Company has had a Tampa branch for ten years and moved into its current building east of the city a year and a half ago.

“With Tampa, it’s just a great group of people,” Director Larry Nourse said. Nourse started in the industry in 1992 as a licensed electrician and is now the regional director of Miller Central Florida.

The branch has about 165 employees. A majority of that number is field crew who work tandem with about two dozen office and project management employees.

“We’re growing,” Nourse said. “We’ve had 50% growth in the first quarter of this year, so we’re really doing well.”

That growth is on display with the number of large projects the branch is working on. “Right now we’re building a big Amazon project in Apopka, which we’re 95% complete,” Nourse said. “We built that project in six months, which was absolutely fantastic. We’re going to do really well on it.”

Miller Electric Tampa is also almost finished with a full electrical renovation for a Florida Blue GuideWell clinic in North Tampa.

“It’s just an emergency clinic that you can come just like an emergency room,” Foreman Barnet ‘Barry’ Barrett explained.

Each GuideWell location will have a dozen or more exam rooms as well as CT scans, x-rays, ultrasounds and certified labs, which eliminate the need to send patients to other locations for diagnostic services or to wait hours for results.

“It always feels good to install something that you know is going to help the community and help people, so that is a plus.”

While our large projects continue to make headlines, it is the hundreds of Miller Electric employees who show up daily at our clients’ sites that provide the foundation for our long-term success.

“I just think the sky’s the limit down here,” Nourse said. “We’ve got great people in the field, we have all the support we need from Jacksonville, and I just think the sky’s the limit.”

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