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Pat Eliason – Director of Military & Industrial Programs

Current role: Director of Military & Industrial Programs You have a very full and interesting career history. Could you tell us a little about that journey? My journey is somewhat different as I am making a mid-career switch. I recently completed 20 years in the Navy, culminating in command of USS The Sullivans (DDG 68). The Sullivans […]


Smart Poles: The Gateway to Smart Cities

What Are Smart Poles? Many readers may be familiar with smart street lighting. In many cities, modern street lights have been updated with more energy-efficient models that feature LED bulbs that automatically adjust for the best output given the time of day and the density of traffic. Some of these lights even sport features that […]


Building Safer Cities with Help from the Community

Public safety will always be a top priority with governments around the world, but protecting our communities can be challenging for law enforcement. Often, when a crime takes place, it can take a few minutes before the police can respond, and even a minute can make a difference between life and death. There is also […]


Smart Cities: The Future is Already Here

What is a Smart City? Once thought to be a fantasy of the future, Smart Cities are here and expanding rapidly. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and embeds itself into infrastructure and municipal services, expect to hear the term “Smart city” used more and more by those involved in civil development. The global […]


VyStar’s New Headquarters Illuminates the Skyline

As a core financial institution of Jacksonville and Northeast Florida, VyStar Credit Union required a home office that reflects the reputation of integrity, stability, and steady expansion that the company has earned. They found that home in the former Suntrust Tower in Downtown Jacksonville. After acquiring the 23-story skyscraper in August of 2018, they began […]


Lighting up the Night: The Acosta Bridge

The Acosta Bridge in Downtown Jacksonville is not only a staple of the city’s skyline but also a necessity for daily commuters. The bridge spans six lanes and includes two sidewalks as well as two monorail tracks running through the middle to accommodate the Jacksonville Skyway. Now, the iconic bridge has again become a focal […]


Brighter Days: Can Proper Lighting Increase Your Health?

How light affects the body Could the lighting system used to brighten a room also contribute to the health of the people in the room? With circadian lighting, the answer is a resounding yes.  The biological functions of the human body function on 24-hour cycles known as circadian rhythms. When the body’s internal clock is […]


Farshid Pourgolafshan – Director of Operations – Integrated Solutions

How many years have you been working in this industry? My 26 years of industry experience started in Toronto, Ontario (10 years in Canada and 16 years in the United States), working as a Systems Integrator and Life Safety Systems provider.                  What’s your favorite aspect of working in […]


Updated COVID-19 Response

Our hearts and thoughts are with those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. As our society continues to adjust to a new reality, we remain committed to the health and safety of our employees, clients, and our communities.  We are actively monitoring the situation and we continue to share information with […]


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