Ahead of Schedule with Pre-fabrication

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Virtual Design & Construction

What is Pre-fabrication?

Pre-fabrication is the construction of multiple building components assembled in an offsite, highly-controlled environment, which result in decreased labor costs and reduced schedule. From service distribution to branch circuit wiring systems, Miller pre-fab can provide a multitude of products and services. Mud boxes, fire rated plywood, bollard bases, and pre-wired “box to box’ branch circuits are all examples of pre-fab capabilities.

Pre-fabrication Benefits

Some of the advantages of using pre-fabrication include:

Reduced Schedule – by pre-fabricating as many components as possible, we are able to help our clients stay on or be ahead of schedule. This is particularly beneficial on fast-track projects

Quality Control having pre-fabrication staff in one place gives us the ability to more closely monitor progress and quality workmanship

Reduced Labor Costs the pre-fabrication department is also used as a training facility, therefore the labor force is mainly comprised of lower end labor

Reduction of Waste – scrap materials never make it to the jobsite, therefore eliminating additional transportation and dumpster costs. Additionally, this material can be recycled and used in other areas of the project

Safety – because of the controlled environment of pre-fabrication, safety risks such as tripping hazards, are greatly reduced

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