Adopting Technology to Ensure Continuity

by | Jan 5, 2018 | Industry Info

Information Technology continues to redefine every organization’s business model. Networking, IoT, and data analytics are accelerating business operations and making organizations more competitive and flexible. Inherently these systems become critical to an organization’s survival.

Is your organization prepared? Consider these statistics:

– Forty percent of all companies that experience a major disaster will go out of business if they cannot gain access to their data within twenty-four hours (Gartner)

– Every year one in five hundred businesses will experience a severe disaster (McGladrey and Pullen)
– Forty-three percent of companies that experience disasters never reopen, and twenty nine percent close within two years (McGladrey and Pullen)

Organizations must adopt technology and standards that keep their IT infrastructure functioning and ensure continuity of their critical systems. Miller Electric plays a major role in helping our clients establish plans that not only deal with recovery after an incident, but also in providing design assistance for organizations that will allow for avoidance of downtime and quicker recovery time.

An IT Disaster Recovery Plan is a comprehensive documentation of all actions that are to be adopted before, during, and after an event. In order to ensure business continuity and availability of critical resources during disasters, the plan has to be communicated to all stakeholders and tested in advance.IT/network disaster recovery planning should include, but is not limited to:

  • Minimizing disruption of business operations
  • Minimizing delays in implementing the plan
  • Ensuring security of personnel and equipment
  • Design and implement reliable backup/redundant systems
  • Restoration of services

Developing the plan to meet these needs requires a top down involvement and commitment from an organization and many outside resources. Miller Electric works as an integral team member  with its clients to ensure plans are developed that balance the need for consistent uptime and overall budgets of the client.

No one plan can protect or recover every organization’s network/data. Plans most take into consideration budgets constraints, data size, data age, existing infrastructure, and future growth plans. After a company has implemented its plan, they still need to continually monitor changes in their network which might require changes to the plan. Miller provides monitoring of network components that will ensure clients never fall behind in keeping their disaster plans up to date.

Whether you organization is considering complete physical protection, fail over sites, redundant services, or virtual environments, Miller Electric assists in making long term focused, budget conscious decisions all of which have been proven to provide industry leading uptime and speed of recovery for our clients.

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