Miller Electric: Spirit project

Miller Electric Company has completed a new project in Kinston North Carolina for Spirit. This is a huge 500,000 sq foot facility (all air conditioned) that will produce aircraft components.

We have 90 employees on this project with Phase 1 scheduled to be completed in March 2010. This project will use approximately 140,000 + man-hours to complete.

Miller is doing everything involved with the electrical systems from the 23KV distribution all the way down to the low voltage systems including fire alarm, Voice/Data and HVAC controls.

Vice President Ed Witt Jr leads the project leadership team consisting of Sr. Project Manager Eddie O Halloran, Project Manager Steve Sandefer and Superintendent Mark Scherer.

The field supervision team includes Don Higginbotham, Eric Bright, Dave Rolison, Chad Alford, Richard Milligan, Rick Adams and Billy Minnick.

Also included as a part of this effort is MECO Communications Group Project Manager Kevin Flanigan and his team of Henry Williams and David Obi Jr. They are partnering with our electrical team to provide the Voice/Data and Fiber Optic installation for this project.

-- This article appears in Issue No. 9 of the Foreman Newsletter, Oct. 2009